Most afraid of high school, not in mathematics, English only.

Demanded detailed research, but to no avail – he says. In his opinion, this was also the lowering of school age. Experiments done with us of march – he adds. It is not surprising that one of the most important goals, which according to experts of the OECD should put Poland ahead, the development of educational policy is based on reliable information. SEE ALSO: MEN wasting 1.5 billion per year?

Money for the baccalaureate, which will not be >>>

18 thousand. residents, a few old houses between the low blocks of concrete slabs in the characteristic orange-yellow and green colors seledynowych. In the center of the house with a cinema culture, Lidl, and right next to the brewery and dairy Kasztelan – the largest employers. And also two competing high schools located in the top ten institutions in Poland, which – according to research – learn best science. This is the Sierpc, a small town in Mazowsze. And although the local high schools do not occupy the first places in the national rankings, where the count results of baccalaureate, it entered the top ten Schools of Success. Wybiły in that know how to teach – even those resistant – as indicated by the very high educational value added (EWD).

It checks the efficiency in transferring school knowledge. It is measured by comparing the results of the secondary school matriculation exam. The greater the difference between the level from which compete pupils starting secondary school, and the education of the end – the higher added value, which is the contribution of the school to gain their knowledge and skills. We decided to take a closer look sierpeckich phenomenon outlets, which mentioned the publication of the ranking, “Rzeczpospolita”, and which turned out to be a surprise for both of the interested parties and residents miasta.Biznesowe podejścieLiceum School. Maj. H. Sucharskiego – nice, renovated building right next to the huge swimming pool, opposite the bus station. Before school bicycle stand, even in the middle of a break feels intimate atmosphere.

Teachers talk freely with students, explaining the ambiguity of some urgent lessons. From conversations with high school students shows that many of them have great ambitions. They chose this school because I believe that learning here will allow them to fulfill them. Though it is not so, that only goes here sierpecka elite. Comes more and more people that have no high school with the best results are often from schools outside the city.

Therefore, teachers have developed their own methods of working with high school students. Beata Zdrojewska, math teacher, explains that first carry out a diagnosis of knowledge and skills of students, so that you can adjust the level of teaching. The differences tend to be large, and the task of teachers is how to best prepare students for the exam. – Therefore, in the first class we spend a lot of time to score the equalizer levels – adds a second mathematician Yaroslav Falkiewicz.Uczniom with different educational needs school offers many classes, teachers encourage competition and eager to discuss the material over the program. Many high school students use this because they want to continue their education. They think it’s their ticket to another world.

Paulina III C wants to study mathematics in Gdansk. While it does have a lot of interests – from drawing and photography. He takes part in Olympiads in various subjects. That has the talent, evidenced by the win in the art competition organized by one of the MEPs, for which the prize went to Brussels. Places the items on ścisłe.Karina of the same vintage he says that the most difficult was the choice of the profile in high school, because although it went great high school mathematics, in addition to writing poetry and playing the piano. Eventually chose something new, or biol.-chem.Iza wants to study geodesy and cartography in Gdansk. Michael is a master at competitions chemical, Christopher was a finalist Olympics longitude.

Rafał dream of biological studies. Most, though to the nearest university towns is far, plans to higher education. So most often they end up in Warsaw and Gdansk. But also to Torun, Lodz and even Krakowa.W conversation with the kids not to feel zblazowania, they just want to. For many of them dream college is a chance to break out of the city. – And no wonder. If he can get a job and earn neatly in a different place, they should do it – smiles sadly one of the teachers. And indeed, the question of which of the students after graduation he intends to return to Sierpc – a group of more than thirty people gathered in the hall – up raises only one hand.

Charles sheepishly explained that he wanted to teach mathematics. And here at school. – I know, at whose place lies in wait – laughs one of the “Sorek” as students style teachers, Barbara Bialecka, which has the longest seniority. The idea of ​​Charles surprise no one, among the teaching is in fact the vast majority of high school graduates. Some of them were students Białecka. Many are young people who know each other, making it easier for them współpracę.Walka uczniaByć can also in this lies the secret of success.

They have a zeal to do something more than that to which obliges the core curriculum. They know that how much effort they put into their work depends on their professional future. In total, the school employs 47 teachers, 42 of them full-time. To no one to slow down, but you have to have students in the school and those of the waning year – once in Sierpc born about 200 children a year, now it’s even less than 150. We must therefore somehow encourage them to select the facility, which is the employer for several dozen people. This, as it turns out, is the best motivation for teachers – know that they also work in their own sprawie.Szkoła a year ago had 585 students, this year there are already 516. – Gone are the days when we could pick out the best of the competition certificates so that the bar was set high.

Now we can not afford it. And although we do not accept all of it, but now more welcome, and we choose not – admits director Ewa Nowakowska. And this probably does not affect the average secondary school. She added value, where a high rate can boast, compared to the rate used in the business – EVA (Economic Value Added – economic value added), which is used widely around the world to assess the companies’ management. It is a very good indicator to evaluate strategies for creating wealth for shareholders of the company managers. – School management is the management of the company, after all, of course, the company is non-profit.

In this arrangement, students, parents and the local education authorities and the shareholders are. EWD is ranking as stock quotes – says Nowakowska.Takie business approach can also be seen in the laying of the curriculum. Because they are not the only high school in the area – a group of vocational schools six years ago opened several classes of high school – it comes not only to fight niżem, but also to win the competition. The school has therefore prepared a booklet of information and professional advertising – one that can be left in the office or give away to students middle schools. The names of the classes are as ready Product: Computer-managerial, journalistic, bio-medical or sightseeing and visit or administrative and legal.

So it is two years – assuming a marketing strategy, replaced the classic math class or Humanities and college english homework help pedagogical innovations introduced. The core curriculum in them is the same as the traditional ones, but their main advantage is that they have additional complementary items corresponding to the profile class. And so part of the students use the science of computer graphics, basics of biochemistry and clinical psychology or assimilates the base of tourism. – For many years we rescue. This resilient group, who first worked as a circle of interests – says Krystyna Witkowska, a graduate school, which teaches biology. So when I created profiles classes, one of them the program was expanded to include elements of the medical emergency.

Students run for the championship in first aid. The highest score, how they managed to get the third place in the regional competition. – But before classes were created profiles, we made a brainstorming session to know what teachers can offer in addition to the basic subject matter they teach. Most have pokończone additional post-graduate studies, so we had to choose from – says Nowakowska. They decided the children’s interest – and, for example, it turned out that there arose a class linguistic (English, French, German or Russian), because there were no takers. The same happened with the profile information management. – Students opt for science subjects.

They think it’s better prospects and greater group chooses the directions of mathematics and natural sciences – says dyrektor.Praca gives effi located a few hundred meters away the Secondary School No. 1 of the set on the corridor speaker loud rap flows. Releasing music on long breaks is a privilege, which won the students themselves. A real blaze of color – Nike shoes, track suits, the girl with clear makeup, blond hair worn in ponytails or waves. You see mostly male faces and a loud laugh. Most of them are technical and vocational school students, the management has only recently decided to open the class licealne.- I know that I have a good squad and we are trying to teach well, but the results surprised me, because we were in the top ten of those who have the highest added value – admits Director Peter Tyndorf. In his opinion, it may be some explanation – the children who get them are at different levels of education.

Tested yearbooks is the beginning of the existence of a secondary school in the Secondary School No.1 in Sierpc. Everything new is uncertain, so the choice of this school was born some risk of lower secondary school graduates. Heavy, systematic, but adapted to students’ abilities work gives results and the popularity of the school has become a reality. And while many students at the beginning is difficult, it is the specific requirements can be achieved quite a lot. In fact, the success lies in the balance between what we can offer and what the students expect and require – says dyrektor.Dlatego ultimately added value can be high, because you can do something you can not work in the best schools.

There to get, you have to pass stringent selection screen, because such institutions are already taking the best. Hard work keeps these schools, and in the vast majority develop the talents and abilities of their students. In the case of young people with very good secondary school exam results it is difficult to significantly raise the percentage of the matriculation exams, and EWD measures the achievements span between the two exams. Hence the explanation of the mystery – how can you be a high school baccalaureate with average results and at the same time with high school success EWD.Ewa cone from the Institute for Educational Research, which oprawcowuje educational value-added indicators, believes that such schools in Sierpc proves the usefulness of this method of assessment of work centers. Until now, parents and students primarily just reach for school rankings created based on the results of baccalaureate. Here and in the top ten were finding over the years is still the same institutions – such as the High School. Staszic in Warsaw High School Academic Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, or LO.

Witkowski in Krakow. Sierpecki were catching not even the first dwusetki. However, when comparing the contribution of school education, eg. In high school in Krakow, it turns out that mathematical objects are sierpecki are better. – When comparing the same results baccalaureate institutions affected will be those who do not select the recruitment of young people and work a lot with the weaker students – says Dr. Cone – EWD method allows to assess the effectiveness of teaching school, regardless of what kind of students they arrive. And honestly assess such schools as Sierpiec – he says Stożek.Panny policjantkiDwie facility is in reality less than 20-thousand. town sign of real competition.

In the Secondary School No. 1 is not what true class managerial or legal Sucharskiego like high school, but the director has another ace up its sleeve: a class police. Girls smile, smoothing black uniforms. Bags look like the police academy – in high school Wednesday is the day when the classes for this profile all come in costumes. Low, pretty brunette on his arm Carolina has four gold bars. It’s for a good education.

She admits that her dream of a finite School in Szczytno. He lives 10 km from Sierpc, in Mochowie. Parents have a farm, the brothers finished zawodówkę and technical. She wanted to secondary school, though the family urged her to go to a technical rather economic. If it manages to realize their dreams, have no plans to return to the city. – Frankly, I’d rather not have to look for criminals among the people I know – girl laughs, flashing the camera on the teeth.

Most afraid of high school, not in mathematics, English only. – Class of police it was a hit. First, we did it as an experiment, now functions as a class pedagogical innovation – says Piotr Tyndorf. Despite the demographic for this class was more than willing seats – 61 people have signed up and received up to much, because 36 people. They also have a second class – this is the profile of the medical care to which a lot of people signed up with the testimony of the white-and-red stripe. Interestingly, both classes were dominated by girls, including the police. The class is Carolina, for example.

Only a few boys. Burned to the project, the school has teamed up with the local police and the hospital. The arrangement is such that both the command and send them to medical facility employee who conducts extra classes for students. Tyndorf admits that opened six years ago, high school class, wanted to change, enhance the image of the school. First of all, in order to attract more students, which number in the lowlands, is shrinking from year to year. A lot has changed, including because in school hallways appeared girls. These were not almost all – facility was fully masculine, now there are more than 230 750 students. – Arrived well even artistic attractions, which previously hardly anyone is interested in – he says Tyndorf.Jednak most classes are still those with vocational training.

One of the teachers frankly admits that high school is more for those who have not yet decided what they will do, because you know that better job guarantees technical. Despite this fashion for secondary schools in Sierpc it is getting bigger. This created a non-State, and in another band opened a vocational school class high school – but only strażackim.Nie profile teoriaW both schools can see that a lot of effort is directed to extracurricular activities. Often unrelated to science, and more of the work for the local community.