The Hottest Braid Right Now Isn’t a Braid at All

The Hottest Braid Right Now Isn’t a Braid at All

Perhaps Not a great braider? No issue! As it happens lots of those big, voluminous braids overpowering your Pinterest feed are in fact made up of a number of ponytails.

This pull-through braid method lets you simulate the appearance of a braid on your self or the kids without weaving a solitary strand. So far as hairstyles get, it does not get a lot easier than this. You can enjoy this look in minutes if you can tie a ponytail.

When you master the method, this cheater’s braid is actually quite versatile. You can easily produce chunky “braided” faux hawks, pull through pigtails, and updos. The single French Pull-Through Braid specifically is actually, actually effortless — you merely connect ponytails. It might probably look complicated but that you will find it totally doable if you follow the steps one at a time, I’m positive. It’s great for picnics, summer time festivals, barbecues, farmers markets, end-of-school party, and much more.

The tutorial below works most readily useful with longer hair which have very very long or no levels. When your locks is a bit smaller, decide to try this updo that is pretty created to my mid-length locks.

French Pull-Through Braid Tutorial


  • Tiny locks bands that are elastici enjoy get the people during the buck shop designed for braiding)
  • Texturizing product (optional)
  • Bobby pins (optional)
  • Clip

Note: if the locks is clean, you’ll need certainly to run some texturizing item during your hair before you start.