PFLAG Nationwide Glossary of Terms

PFLAG Nationwide Glossary of Terms

The effectiveness of language to contour our perceptions of other individuals is enormous. Precise usage of terms in relation to gender and orientation that is sexual have a substantial impact on demystifying most of the misperceptions related to these ideas. Nonetheless, the language of both continues to evolve, and there’s perhaps maybe maybe not universal contract about the definitions of numerous terms. Here are a few working definitions and samples of frequently employed (and misused) terms as being a point that is starting discussion and understanding.

AFAB: Acronym meaning Assigned Female at Birth. AFAB individuals may or might not determine as feminine some or all the time.

Affirmed Gender: An individual’s gender that is true instead of their gender assigned at birth. This term should replace terms like brand brand new sex or opted for sex, which imply an individual’s gender ended up being selected.

Agender: relates to somebody who will not determine with any sex.

Ally: A term used to explain an individual who is supportive of LGBTQ+ individuals in addition to grouped community, either individually or as an advocate. Allies consist of both heterosexual and cisgender people who adovocate for equality together with LGBTQ+ people, along with those who find themselves LGBTQ+ who’re supportive of other identities in the community.