You will find a handful of ongoing urban myths about dating life right here in Iceland.

You will find a handful of ongoing urban myths about dating life right here in Iceland.

a person is that people are continuously dating our loved ones, another that people really never ever continue times and a differnt one that intercourse is such an ordinary thing many people are carrying it out on a regular basis with everybody. I’d like to simply begin with the start.

Are Icelanders constantly dating their loved ones?

No, we have been maybe not. Being this type of country that is small have actually a good system that can help to help keep monitoring of that is associated and that isn’t. The main reason this misconception has blossomed is, i believe, because we now have these amazing documents dating straight back over one thousand years therefore if me personally and also this man i will be seeing share exactly the same great, great, great, great, great grandmother, we intend to understand. My parents, as an example, share equivalent x that is great grand-parents however they aren’t actually associated. It simply appears enjoy it simply because they can really trace this. This we do on our internet site, the written book of Icelanders. That knows you might also be much more linked to your better half, you just don’t understand it…

Me personally (Ragnheiрur) for instance now seemed up (Daрi) my co-worker and we also are associated within the 7th website link. Which means this means our great, great, great, great grandmothers had been siblings. Not very associated but up it might seem like it because we can look it!

Do Icelanders carry on times?

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