You are told by us about Scholar Loan Repayment Calculator

You are told by us about Scholar Loan Repayment Calculator

The way we reach these outcomes

This calculator is for undergraduate pupils who’ve started college since 2012. A various financing system pertains to undergraduate pupils whom began university last year or prior to, also to postgraduate pupils. Learn about tuition charges and monetary help).

This calculator estimates month-to-month repayments, presuming the expected earnings described below and shown in the web page of step-by-step results.

The outcomes are for illustrative purposes just, since the precise repayments depends on the salary that is actual through the entire duration.

Mortgage loan of 3% above inflation is going to be used through the receipt associated with the payment that is first the scholar Loans Company (SLC) before the end associated with the financial 12 months (5th April) after the end associated with program.

The attention price used after this can rely on the yearly profits associated with receiver of this loan:

You will have a limit below that your interest shall function as the price of inflation. This will be ?26,575 into the scholastic year 2019/20.

There may additionally be a threshold above that the interest will be 3% over the price of inflation. This is ?47,835 when you look at the year that is academic.

The thresholds increases yearly, in the rate that is same the national average of earnings. The calculator makes use of an interest rate of 1.6per cent above inflation because of this enhance, that is the long-lasting average.


No repayments will soon be due through to the beginning of the financial 12 months (6th April) after the end regarding the course.

Following this, the total amount due will undoubtedly be 9% of this profits which surpass a limit. This limit would be the just like the limit below that your rate of interest may be the price of inflation: ?26,575 into the scholastic year 2019/20 (see above).