Genting Gambles in Florida with Uncertain Results

Genting Gambles in Florida with Uncertain Results

A rendering of just one portion of the proposed Resorts World Miami Genting casino resort project; the $3 billion project still has not received a high sign from Florida lawmakers.

They state money speaks, but in Genting Resorts World’s case, it’s maybe not been speaking as loudly as the company might like.

The asian gambling conglomerate has largely met with nothing but resistance despite pouring $236 million into a 14-acre waterfront Miami spread back in 2011 and then sprinkling millions more into pressuring state politicians to ‘adapt’ a construction law to accommodate a new $3 billion resorts World Miami casino project. Therefore they’ve now decided for a new, less cumbersome direction for the Sunshine State: a slots-only project that would set them up with Gulfstream Park racetrack in Miami’s Key Biscayne area.

Antagonists Await

Of course, anytime a potential new casino operator appears in a state, the first thing that happens is some type of anti-gaming coalition forms; and Florida has been no exception compared to that guideline. Anti-casino group is also releasing a movie mid-January called Pushing Luck that claims to show a ‘sobering glimpse’ of ‘broken claims’ from casino operators.
According to Genting’s new partner Gulfstream, the racetrack holds an as-yet-unused gaming license that has the potential for use with in either Miami-Dade or Broward counties, as the track rests simply between the two are

Vegas Revenues Rebounded Heartily in 2013

Vegas Revenues Rebounded Heartily in 2013

Las vegas, nevada’ advertising promotions positioning the populous city as hip and happening appear to be working, based on 2013 income tallies

This has been awhile since Las Vegas could really post any very news that is positive revenues, but 2013 appears to have been a watershed year financially for Sin City. Figures posted end-of-year by the Nevada Gaming Control Board show a whopping 22.6 percent spike in gaming revenues for the month of November, following a somewhat flat October, a truth that guarantees to show year-end that is excellent numbers once compiled.

Second Best of the 12 Months

Turns out was the second best of the year for Las Vegas Strip properties november. Baccarat took house the gold literally with a 94 percent hike, while table games also pulled a 53.5 percent jump to their weight, compared to 2012. Certainly nobody is ripping down slot machines, but it appears that old-school gambling is the moneymaker these full days in the City of Neon.

Statewide, the image had been also a good one. Across Nevada, casinos took in $875.9 million in November, a bump of 11.9 percent when compared with the entire year prior. And even more encouraging, it had been the third month-to-month hike during the last four months.

Las Las Vegas’ uber-successful advertising campaign of being the coolest, hippest, swag-est place to be on the planet seems to be working when it comes to gambling because well; the Strip earned $529.4 million

South Australian Ad Equates Youngsters’ Gaming with Future Gambling Problems

South Australian Ad Equates Youngsters’ Gaming with Future Gambling Problems

Some say this brand new ‘gaming equals gambling’ ad by the SA government goes past an acceptable limit

Put away that new Xbox One or PS4 it might just turn you in to a compulsive gambler. That will not have been the message that the Southern Australian Government was shooting for when they created their latest anti-gambling campaign, but it’s the one which many gamers from Australia and around the world are using away from it, especially considering that state’s previous stances that were seen as anti-gamer.

Gambling Is No Game

The campaign that is new referred to as Gambling is No Game, and based on what the SA Government has said in the past, it seems to have a fairly well-intentioned meaning behind it. The idea is that children who play games that include gambling elements like slot machines or poker games may be much more more likely to occupy gambling habits later in life, or even develop gambling dilemmas in their adolescence.

But the ultimate product offers a message that is slightly different. An image of a poster from the campaign was spread throughout the Internet this week, showing a woman searching at an iPad while sitting at what appears to be always a poker table, detailed with chips and cards. Above her there is a message that is ominous ‘Gambling begins with games.’

While the concept could be to especially target games with gambling content, the poster immediately sent gamer

Chinese Online Lottery Pays Off Nicely for Investors

Chinese Online Lottery Pays Off Nicely for Investors

Chinese on the web lottery has entered the nyc Stock Exchange, and appears to be winning (Image: Wan Li/China Daily)

Investors in Chinese lottery that is online Ltd. are off to a happy start to the New 12 months; in the six weeks since its nyc Stock Exchange birth, the value of the company has almost tripled from the initial public offering price of $13.

Winning the Lottery Lottery

As the only lottery that is chinese become placed in the United States, is one of merely a handful of companies set to take advantage of the Chinese government’s whittling down of thousands of private lottery operators, because they license and regulate the industry to just a tiny number of organizations. Each of these will ultimately be vying for a market that is potential of 400 million lottery players in the united states.

‘Over the next five years it is very clear that the Chinese market will continue to grow rapidly plus the federal government regulatory regime will end up more open and transparent,’ explained’s primary financial officer Zhengming Pan.

China’s lottery market has taken off remarkably in recent years, many thanks to a rise in disposable earnings through the entire country, as well as a appetite that is national gambling and advancements in gaming technology. As a result, Asia’s lottery spending reached $23 billion in 2012, while the U.S. the largest lottery market in the world en