Stephanie Pratt Reignites Heidi Montag & Lauren Conrad’s Intercourse Tape Feud

Stephanie Pratt Reignites Heidi Montag & Lauren Conrad’s Intercourse Tape Feud

Celebrity of MTVis the Hills: brand New Beginnings, Stephanie Pratt, reignites the Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad intercourse tape feud, claiming it had beenn’t Spencer.

Stephanie Pratt associated with Hills reignited the feud regarding Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad’s false intercourse tape. Stephanie is one of the most unforgettable villains regarding the show, having triggered fights that are major apparently tearing buddies aside. Now, a decade later on, this indicates as if she’s gotn’t changed.

The Hills chronicled six women that are young their individual and expert life in Los Angeles, CA.

The cast included Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port. Stephanie, Spencer Pratt’s sis, had been initially earned as a visitor character and immediately made waves, as she had been wasn’t only associated with a love triangle with Audrina and Justin Bobby, but has also been in just one of the many tumultuous relationships on the show – together with her sibling. Between shooting season 2 and 3 associated with Hills, rumors of the sex tape first surfaced about Lauren along with her then-boyfriend Jason Wahler. The scandal sparked a feud between Lauren and Heidi, as Lauren always believed that Spencer and Heidi were behind dripping the rumor, though any involvement was denied by them. Heidi and Lauren’s relationship had been over after Heidi started dating Spencer.

Feuds never appear to perish, in spite of how long a set was on break. With almost ten years involving the Hills and also the reboot The Hills: brand new Beginnings, fans have actually realized that the old wounds remain just like fresh. During 2009, Lauren had ended the sex-tape tale scandal by stating that she had Spencer’s movie confession lying about lacking any participation in dripping the tale. Now, 10 years upon it, appears that Stephanie possesses account that is different of occurred and who to blame is.