Most afraid of high school, not in mathematics, English only.

Demanded detailed research, but to no avail – he says. In his opinion, this was also the lowering of school age. Experiments done with us of march – he adds. It is not surprising that one of the most important goals, which according to experts of the OECD should put Poland ahead, the development of educational policy is based on reliable information. SEE ALSO: MEN wasting 1.5 billion per year?

Money for the baccalaureate, which will not be >>>

18 thousand. residents, a few old houses between the low blocks of concrete slabs in the characteristic orange-yellow and green colors seledynowych. In the center of the house with a cinema culture, Lidl, and right next to the brewery and dairy Kasztelan – the largest employers. And also two competing high schools located in the top ten institutions in Poland, which – according to research – learn best science. This is the Sierpc, a small town in Mazowsze. And although the local high schools do not occupy the first places in the national rankings, where the count results of baccalaureate, it entered the top ten Schools of Success. Wybiły in that know how to teach – even those resistant – as indicated by the very high educational value added (EWD).

It checks the efficiency in transferring school knowledge. It is measured by comparing the results of the secondary school matriculation exam. The greater the difference between the level from which compete pupils starting secondary school, and the education of the end – the higher added value,