Niece Is Surprised To Master Factor Uncle Is With in Jail

Niece Is Surprised To Master Factor Uncle Is With in Jail

DEAR ABBY: we cannot think it! My moms and dads tricked me personally into reassuring son or daughter molester.

Once I ended up being young, my uncle “Dave” went to jail. My loved ones told it similar to this: “Dave had an event by having a 17-year-old girl whom had been pretending become 18. They produced intercourse tape, her moms and dads discovered it and accused him of rape. He went along to jail for a lifetime. “

My parents go to and keep in touch with him frequently, although no one else into the extensive family does, plus they constantly encouraged me personally to keep in touch with him. They do say he made “poor choices” but does not deserve their jail phrase or even the household neglect. We felt bad I willingly joined in phone calls and letter writing for him, so.

Not long ago I mentioned all of this to a pal who’s experienced when you look at the appropriate industry. He thought the storyline sounded strange, therefore we seemed up Dave and discovered out he previously numerous counts of intimate assault on a kid under 14. Put differently, my moms camcrush and dads tricked me personally into regular conversations by having a young youngster molester.

I am floored. Can I confront them? If that’s the case, exactly just what do We state? Can I inform my cousin? I’d like nothing in connection with Dave, and I also’m horrified that my moms and dads would lie in his protection. — HORRIFIED IN OKLAHOMA

DEAR HORRIFIED: I am able to understand just why you desire nothing at all to do with this general. Inform your moms and dads which you have actually written if you ask me. Inquire further why they made a decision to reduce what your uncle did and encourage one to talk to a predator.